(Power Resistance Of Greece) is a new generation of trance music projects from Greece with experienced members on that kind of music, they specialized on Psychedelic Progressive Trance with a lot of worldwide influences. Both artists are born at Greece and their love to music makes them creative enough. Harris Born in Athens. From 1992 to electronic music with soundtracks such as break beat, techno, hard core. In 1995 and then into psychedelic goa trance, he performed more like Dj on stage in big clubs in Athens. From 2000 to 2004 he wrote uplifting trance and signed as Space Odyssey. During that period about 30 songs had been released with Discobole Records, sub label of Sony Music, and he had played live and dj sets in major clubs in Greece (U-Matic, Plus Soda, loft, lobby and others). His career with the Red Circle song that reached the great number of views for the season at 867,000! Lefteris Born in Athens and raised in Piraeus, he started showing interest in music at the age of ten while he was self-taughted in piano. His approach to electronic music wasn't late, so after some influences and some night trance parties at Athens (1998-1999) he fall in love with that kind of music and his story begins. He started as a DJ at local parties and at school parties, while he was writing his own music (1999-2006). At 2006 he starts his first team work with a good friend of his and they create the group called “Airesis”, one of the best groups at Epic Uplifting Trance, with a lot of live parties at Greece and Bulgaria, while he was studying Music Engineering and Production.They have many releases in internet labels such as Eutuchia music, Eratica music,DDMP, etc.The same time he starts to learn and make some other kind of music such as house, techno, etc. With his passion about music writing he creates his solo career with the name “Tritonas” by releasing his own work, when he also coperates with an internet label by making mix and mastering on many compilations. Now he colamporates with Xaris and they have create the group of P.R.O.G.

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